8 Unknown Facts About East India Company 

The East India Company, formed in 1600, was like a big business with special permission from the Queen to do things normally only governments could do, like make war and form alliances.

1.Royal Charter Powers:

The company got into a controversial opium trade between India and China, leading to wars. This caused a lot of problems and changed the way countries worked together.

2.Opium Trade Troubles:

In 1857, there was a big rebellion in India against the company because of some bad decisions, like using cartridges that upset the Indian soldiers.

3.Sepoy Mutiny Trouble:

The company had its own army, even bigger than the official British one. This army helped the company take control in India and other places.

4.Private Army:

The company started just for trade but became powerful in politics. It became the only company allowed to trade with certain places, making it very rich.

5.Trade Monopoly:

The company brought new plants to India and changed the culture by promoting English education. This influenced how people lived.

6.Cultural Changes:

The company was involved in money scandals, causing economic problems. The government had to step in to fix things.

7.Money Problems:

After a big rebellion in 1857, the British government took over India directly. In 1874, the East India Company was officially stopped.

8.End of the Company: